Culture: Starting from the cultural past, we will find that neither the old town walls nor the narrow streets were ever obstacle in acceptance and promotion of modern ideas. During dynamic passing of the centuries, Omis has been enriching its cultural life according to immediate possibilities and financial situation.


The heritage of painting art is significant for the period of bans’ (Croatian dukes) rule, while the interest for music art appears between baroque and classics, which proved the construction of organ in parish church and private music collections. Today, the main happening of Omis Cultural Summer is “Festival dalmatinskih klapa” (Festival of Dalmatian folk songs), which is being held, on regular basis, every year since 1967. It helped in cherishing and keeping alive the tradition of folk singing, which is praised all over the Europe. This is based on a capella singing, and the lyrics bear witness to hard life of Dalmatian fishermen and peasants. Omis Cultural Summer has been enriched with concerts and recitals in churches and in the Closter of Franciscans Monastery, as well as performances on the squares, exhibitions and literary and music happenings.


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