Climbing: When you ask what’s the most interesting place for free climbing in Croatia, many free-climbers will answer - Omis. Combining, in the best way, the sea, Cetina River and rocks, what is really eyes cherishing, there are also several advantages in comparison with other locations. Let’s start: Adriatic road – Magistrala is passing through the city centre, and the most distanced location is only 5 min drive far and the nearest one is just above the roofs of the old town. It is possible to reach many “directions” by the road what is significant advantage, especially for “climber’s families” and bigger groups. The number of forty directions at seven locations guaranties interesting and exciting holiday. Directions range from easiest, beginners, to hardest (what free-climbers call “projects”) which should be climbed and appraised yet.


"Orientation", actually, the position of the directions regarding cardinal points is diverse and enables whole day climbing, what is important during summer when everybody’s looking for shade. Besides ordinary, sport directions, there are several "big wall" directions, 300 and more meters long, what makes Omis capable to serve the most demanding climbers. It also should be known that Omis is situated between two big locations for free climbing in this part of Croatia: Split - 25 km from Omis - Marjan location and Brela - about 20 km Brela. Traditionally, during the whole year, huge number of free-climbers from all over the Europe visits Omis, location where much more directions are to be made. It is already founded free-climbing Club “Malduk”: which gathers local free-climbers. Members of the Club are always at the disposal of those who are just intending to meet free-climbing Omis.
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